Rua São Vicente 25 - Fidalgo, Pedro Leopoldo - MG - CEP 33.600-000 (Unidade Fidalgo).


Our hostel offers accommodation for those who like peace and outdoor activities. The region is a reference for rock climbing and excellent for trekking, cycling or simply resting on the hammock and listening to the bird songs. 

The hostel is a typical Brazilian country house, with large balconies, a fire place, an organic vegetable garden and a yard full of tropical fruits. There are three triple rooms and one double-bed room, a hall, a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, a library with travel and climbing guides.

Our region is the paradise of Brazilian sport climbing, with beautifil limestones, innumerous routes of great variety and difficulty (5.6 to 5.14b or 4 to 11 on Brazilian grade), very close to the Abrigo Lapinha. In a radius of 10km there are more than 400 equipped routes. 

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian and some French. We receive climbers from all around the world. For pictures of the Abrigo, the surroundings, the climbing areas and our guests, visit Abrigo Lapinha .

You will simply love it!

BRL 30 (USD 10) per person per night

You climb!
Climbing Ratos Assassinos 8a, Lapinha
Climbing the Limestone at: 
   Sítio do Rod: 2km or a 20min walk (Tops) . More than 50 routes, 5.6 to 5.13d.
   Lapinha: 2,5km or a 25min walk. Open 09:00h to 17:00h, Tuesday to Sunday (Tops). One of the first and most traditional climbing sites. Today is inserted in the Sumidouro State Park. Open for climbing are abou 80 routes, 5.6 to 5.13a (4 to 9b on Brazilian grade).
   Lapa do Antão (Fidalgo): 8 km (Tops) Above 200 equipped routes, up to 5.14b.
   Lapa do Beijo: 1,5km or 15min walk (boulders)
   Gruta do Bau: One fo the first climbing sites in Minas Gerais. Today access is restricted to the guests of Abrigo Lapinha only. You must be accompanied by e member of our staff. More than 100 routes.  
   Roxane (Sete Lagoas): 50km 
   Serra do Cipó - Morro da Pedreira: 55km (Tops
...and an immense potential still to be explored. 
Climbing João (e Maria) 7b, Lapa do Antão
Bouldering at Lapa do Beijo

Climbing Sedativa 7c, Sitio do Rod

Places to visit
   Archeological Museum of Lapinha 
   Quinta do Sumidouro 
   Sumidouro State Park
   * Lapinha Cave 
   * Sumidouro Lake
   * Fernão Dias House 
   Serra do Cipó National Park
   Rei do Mato Cave
Climbers from all places gather at Abrigo Lapinha

Call us. We will pick you up or explain how to get there.


The hostel has a fully equipped kitchen. There a several small family restaurnats around and a pizzaria.
Welcome, Climbers! Abrigo Lapinha is awaiting you!

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